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Yes, if your doctor has prescribed these two medications. Vyvanse is lisdextafetamine, a central nervous stimulant and Provigil is modafinil which is also a stimulant. Combining stimulants increases the risk of cardiac events and high blood pressure.

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Yes, they can be taken together.The two are believed to work on different neurotransmitters so it is most likely safe to take them together. But it is best to talk to your doctor about taking them together since they are both prescription drugs.

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Q: Can you take cyclobenzaprine 5 mg with Vyvanse 50 mg?
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Can you take 100mg of Vyvanse?

The highest dose available for Vyvanse is 70 mg, so you would have to take two 50 mg capsules. You would have to contact your insurance company to see if they will charge double for having twice the amount of a monthly prescription.

Can you take Vyvanse 30 mg along with Ibuprofen 600 mg?


When to take levothyroxine and Vyvanse?

Take the levothyroxine 45 mins before you take your dose of vyvanse , as I also take these meds , specifically 180 mcg levothyroxine 100 mg vyvanse, (the 100 mg vyvanse is not a commonly prescribed dose, granted how 70 mg is the "fda recomended" max , that aside you can take them both together, as it wouldn't directly make any efect on either drug.

How long will 50 mg of Vyvanse last you if you do not have ADHD?

For me, it lasts about 24-36 hours. Its pretty intense, get ready

How long would cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride 5 mg stay in your system?

Cyclobenzaprine hcl 5mg tab

Is tizanidine 4 mg stronger than cyclobenzaprine 10mg?


Which is stronger cyclobenzaprine 10mg or 500mg methocarbamol?

which one is stronger mg

Does 70 mg Vyvanse capsules come with powder inside?

Yes,70mg Vyvanse do come with powder inside.

Can Vyvanse dialate your eyes?

It is listed under the "rare" side effects of oral dosage Vyvanse, as a "less severe" side effect. I myself take a 60 mg Vyvanse daily, and experience dilated pupils if I had recently restarted taking my prescription after a few days without it.

What is s489 40 mg on a pill?

Vyvanse. Stimulant. Abused a lot.

Is cyclobenzaprine a barbiturate?

Cyclobenzaprine, well known as "Flexerils", are Muscle Relaxers & a Sedative... It is NOT a barbituate... It is used to relax the skeletal muscles... The common dosage is 10 mg...

What does TL 177 mean on a pill?

it is a 10 mg Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride , which is a muscle relaxer.