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Yes BUT they must be the type she loves to wear,,,,,,,,,,,very important Remember guys you only like to wear certain styles as well

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Q: Can you surprise the woman you love with panties?
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In Invention of Love, when the woman discovers everything in the city is mechanical, she seems to feel?

surprised and disgusted.

What does Thank you mean from a woman that hears I love you from the man?

1) it means she is not ready for the "I love you" type of commitment 2) girl is caught by surprise and panicked

I love to pee in my panties Do You?

of course

Can a guy wear kotex you love 2 wear panties and kotex maxipads?

yes i love 2 wear panties&kotex..

Why dont woman take off panties?

Women all around the world take off panties regularly

What does it mean when a woman wears leopard print panties?

It doesn't mean anything, she's just wearing some panties.

What are the most important thing that a woman wants from a man?

love and truthfulness love and truthfulness um, surprise surprise, wanna impress a girl, keep your mouth clean. as in NO SWEARING. that is a huge let down to me if I think I might like a guy and then I meet him and he swears a lot.

Where can you find love pats panties?

at Victoria secret

Where to buy love pat panties?


What are keyhole panties?

Keyhole Panties are also known as sex panties, These Panties are designed with "hole(s)" built into them so that the woman can have sex with her husband while never having to take off her panties. These can have one hole or two. The holes are found (one) in the front and (one) in the back.

Where can you buy dixie belle panties?

I LOVE DIXIE BELLE PANTIES, they FIT me PERFECTLY. You can get them online at www. & on Ebay.

Why does a woman keep panties she used with her ex?

Panties are panties, they should have no significance except that she used them as undergarments. Would you discard your favorite pair of pants just because you wore them while dating someone else?