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If there are no open blisters and you are not irritated by the perfume, you can try and see if you are more comfortable.

To help get over the outbreak, though, and prevent others, take the essential amino acid L-lysine, either in bulk powder or in capsules. Our bodies need it and we only can get it from food. (I take about a half tsp or more Lysine daily in the AM.)

Lysine to Treat Shingles

1000 mg -- Lysine three times per day during a shingles flare-up. Reduce lysine intake to 500 mg three times per day for one week after healing.

Also Lysine is best absorbed with water on an empty stomach, so you might wanna take it at least 20 minutes before breakfast, and between meals.

AND you can't OD on Lysine. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and L-lysine is "essential," meaning although our bodies need it we can't make it.

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Q: Can you put baby powder on shingles?
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