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You get pasty, baby powder nastiness in your mouth that you have to spit out somewhere.

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Q: What will happen if you put baby powder in your mouth but dont swallow it?
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What will happen if you set baby powder on fire?

Baby powder+fire=more fire

I dont eat baby powder i just gargle my mouth with it will this harm me?

No, but you might want to discuss it with your doctor. Talc, the main ingredient in baby powder, can be dangerous if swallowed in quantity.

What would happen if you mixed baby powder and baby oil together?

Some women like to mix baby powder and baby oil together to create a lightweight paste to rub all over their bodies. The baby powder leaves a fresh, clean scent while the baby oil hydrates the skin.

What is the common nouns for Johnsons baby powder?

The words "baby" and "powder" are common nouns.

How can you get baby powder out of you after you inhale it?

The only options you have after inhaling baby powder is to blow your nose several time (not too hard) because the hairs inside the nose are there to catch particles. You can also sip warm water and spit it out if you feel you got some of the baby powder in your mouth. Baby Powder has been questioned as not being safe for babies and another good alternative is simple baking soda.

If you blow on a baby's face will they die?

Generally, If a person blows air into the face of an infant, one of three things will happen: 1. They will stop crying (if they were in the first place) 2. They will suddenly swallow anything in their mouth. 3. They will stop holding their breath.

Can you put baby powder on a baby?

Its obvious isn't it BABY POWDER its supposed to be used on baby's that's why its called baby powder. You can also use it on your feet like that athlete powder.

What is the pH of baby powder?

Baby powder is neutral or 7.

Is baby powder considered as matter?

yes, baby powder is considered as matter because baby powder is a homogenous mixture.

Is baby powter yummy?

Baby powder is not yummy at all. Alkali is a chemical in baby powder. It is not safe to eat the baby powder, it could be poisonous!

Is baby powder and borax powder the same?

Baby powder is based on talc ( talcum powder). Borax powder is used as a laundry and cleaning product .

Can baby powder form AIDS?

Baby powder can't form AIDS.