Can you live without your appendix?

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Yes yes you can live without your appendix's it is simply something you can live without

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Q: Can you live without your appendix?
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Related questions

Can a person live without their appendix?

Yes a person can live without their appendix. Many people have to get their appendix taken out.

What part of the digestive system can a person live without?

Appendix Appendix you can live without

Can you live without the appendix?

chicken farts

What does your appendix do?

The appendix has a small part to play in your immune system. People can live without it.

What are the disadvantages of living without a appendix?

There are no disadvantages. A person can live just fime with no appendix.

What happens if you don't have your appendix?

Nothing will happen if you have had your appendix surgically removed. Doctors are not sure why humans have an appendix. We can live without it.

Does the appendix filter blood?

Yes, but your kidneys and liver filter your blood too so you can live without an appendix.

Can a person live with without their appendix?

Yes many people have it removed.

Can a person live without the appendix and why or why not?

yes they can cuz many people have to get them taken out

What organ can you live without?

Your gall bladder

What do animals use their appendix for?

In some animals, like humans, the jury is still out as to what function an appendix serves. Humans can live without any complications if they appendix is removed. In animals such as rabbits, the appendix serves as a storage are for lymphatic tissue.

What organ is small material not used by the body?

Appendix is a small organ in our digestive system in which our science today does not have justification of its function yet. We can live normally without our appendix.

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