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yes you can just it takes a while

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Q: Can you heal from being paralyzed?
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What does it when your Pokemon is paralyzed?

Use a Paralyz heal or Full Heal. They are very cheap at PokeMarts.

What will happen if spinal cord is transected?

you will be paralyzed, but depending on the magnitude it MAY re-heal

What potion do you use for a paralyzed Pokemon?

You need a paralyz berry or a full heal. Hoped this helped.:-]

Where does the term paralyzed lyrics come from?

Paralyzed lyrics is a song created by the Artist known as Finger Eleven. The band Big Time Rush also has a song known as Paralyzed that they perform. The lyrics refer to someone being so captivated by someone else that they are paralyzed.

What is paraplegia at L2 level?

Being completely paralyzed from the lower lumbar area where your L2 vertebrae is located on your spine. In basic terms, it's pretty much being paralyzed from the waist down.

What couses being paralyzed?

Err well, you could lose a limb and be classes and paralyzed if it was blown off or you lost it to diabetes. Or, in tht other definition of the word, you could be paralyzed by a venomous spider bite for example.

Can you walk atfer being paralyzed?

Sometimes. Depends on what caused the paralysis

How does Professor Xavier get paralyzed?

In various comic book storylines, Professor Xavier is paralyzed after being injured in an altercation with an alien named Lucifer. In the "X-Men" movie franchise, he is paralyzed after being shot by a former ally, Magneto.

In Luke's gospel the paralyzed man why was the man able to have his sins forgiven according to Jesus?

Because of the faith of his friends. The paralyzed man's friends had faith that Jesus would heal him. Jesus honored their faith and healed the man, forgiving his sins, much to the objections of the Jewish officials.

How did Chris Jerichos mother die?

Due to complications from being paralyzed. And in case you want to know how she became paralyzed, her boyfriend (not Jericho's father, they were divorced) beat her up.

What is the name for who is paralyzed from the waist down opposed to being poralyed from the neck down?


Can a bone heal itself without being casted?

It can heal, but that doesn't mean that it will be set correctly.