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sure u can!! if he still likes u1!

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Q: Can you go back to a guy you dated before?
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What happens if you go out with a guy then go out with another guy then you go back with the first guy you dated?

A maniac brutally attacks you and chops your head off with an axe.

You have been dating a guy for about 4 months with a guy for 4 years before that with a daughter 4 year guy has made approaches but no commitments Should you stay where you are or go back?

In this situation you should go back with the other guy that you have dated for four years because you have had your first daughter with the guy that you had dated with for four years. It would not be safe to stay where you are because you would be in lots of trouble, and trust me. You would have a very hard time going through arrangements with the guy you dated for four years.You may even go to court as another chance to come, and to be able to have a final reunion with the guy you have dated for four years.

What happens if you go out with a guy then go out with another guy then you go back with the fierst guy you dated?

then you've gone out with two guys............. the second guy might be a bit annoyed though

What do you do after you give steven the parcel on omega ruby?

you go back to sailor guy and go to next city(that you could not go to before and find the guy that wants the letter

You like this guy now and no one knows you dated him before and duped him which was like 5 months ago how do you ask him out again?

Well ask yourself this. "Do i really like him if i broke up with him, and if i go back out with him will i want to break up with him? If you think about it it kind of helps

How tall is Remington kropp?

i dated Remington kropp he's a nice guy i would defininently go back out with him if i had the chance. ^^yeah right and he is 5'9 he said so on his twitter

If you really like this guy who is out of your league and you never dated before and he is two Years younger and A LOT more religious then you and is to shy and Its like impossible love?

dont think that go for him!

How do you get back at the teenage guy that hurt you but yet you never dated him he just toyed with your mind?

My niece said put ice down his pants, but I have a better idea why not go out with one of his best buds.

Why do girls go after a guys friend after they dated the guy?

It's a way of revenge for the guy that she used to go out with or she could've liked that other guy all along! either to make the guy jealous or because his friend proabaly has the same personality

What advice would you give to a guy who likes a girl the longest but the girl has dated his friend and broke up dated someone and broke up and is first back with the first boy should the boy move on?

I would tell the guy that he needs to move on, because it seems as if the girl doesn't like him. If he really wanted to go out with the girl he would come out and tell her that he likes her.

How do i get a guy to like me if we were dating but he dumped you and dated another girl?

Think about what made him like you in the first place and go with that.

Should a girl wish the guy who she has dated before happy birthday Even though they have not met for a while?

I don't recommend it as it will stir up hurt, confusion and mixed feeling on both sides. Let him go.