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I would tell the guy that he needs to move on, because it seems as if the girl doesn't like him. If he really wanted to go out with the girl he would come out and tell her that he likes her.

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Q: What advice would you give to a guy who likes a girl the longest but the girl has dated his friend and broke up dated someone and broke up and is first back with the first boy should the boy move on?
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To answer someone who has answered you, research the question. Go to a friend or family member and ask for advice on what you should do with the situation.

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Your friend should not be telling you what to do and what not to do. They may try to offer some advice, but you control your own life and should do what you want.

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If your friend wants to dump him she should. but if she fells that way about him, maybe they should get back together later on. hope this advice works! amw

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He is still your friend's boyfriend.You should leave him alone and try to find someone else. Be happy for your friend that she has such a great boy friend!

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Yeah, a best friend is someone that you should feel comfortable with.

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well if you like your best friend then you should go out with him|her... but if you don't your best friend then you should tell him|her, that you are going out with someone already.

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You should do your best to be there for your friend. Listen to them when they need you to and give them the best advice that you can. If it is the case that they need some time alone then you should give it to them. Also if you feel that you cannot deal with their crisis and that they shouldn't have to either so don't be afraid to bring in someone responsible that you can trust to help the two of you out.

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I was in the same situation. My advice: go for it. If she is a real friend, even if she says no, she will still be a friend.

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they have to do what makes them happy, and dont let the other person take over you. or if they arent in a relationship be nice and tell them that there is someone out there for everyone, just dont look so hard

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they should be very nice

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