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well most people would say EW DRINKING YOU'RE URINE?

BUT, drinking urine has been found to have many medical benefits. First, if you are that fish man from water world, it should be just fine. Because you need to keep your osmolariity higher than your surrounding environment .

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It is possible to get sick from drinking another person's drink if the person is carrying something contagious. That's not to say "you will get sick", just "you may..." If they are infectious, it would still have to be a pathogen communicable via saliva or a pathogen which is able to survive for at least a short time-period on surfaces for you to have a risk of catching it.

For example, if the person who's drink it is has a cold sore (herpes labialis) and you drink from the same side of the glass/mug that they have drunk from, you do run the risk of getting a cold sore yourself. If the person has a sore throat, there seems to be a reasonable risk you could catch it from them.

However you cannot catch a cold or 'flu from sharing somebody's drink, because colds and 'flu are gained from touching a surface which as the virus on it, and then accidentally transferring it to your mucus membranes (e.g picking your nose or putting your fingers in your mouth). Hence why handwashing is really important in 'flu season.

Meningococcal meningitis is transferable via saliva (e.g drinking from the same side of the glass). Although this is an uncommon disease it is very unpleasant, so sharing drinks with anyone who has meningococcal meningitis would be best avoided.

You could get measles through sharing the drink of someone with measles.

You would be unlucky to get hepatitis A through sharing a drink with someone with hep A, but it is theoretically possible. You would not get hepatitis B through sharing a drink with someone with hep B. You would not get hepatitis C through sharing a drink with someone with hep C.

It is not possible to get HIV through sharing a drink with someone who has HIV.

These are just a few examples, clearly there are many more diseases which are communicable through sharing drinks. To be honest, if you wish to share drinks your best bet is only sharing drinks with people who you've known for a long time, and who do not appear to be actively ill at that moment in time. The same principles apply to eating chips'n' dips when people are "double-dipping" (dipping and then re-dipping the same end which they've had in their mouth).

The risk of you catching something from drink sharing increases if you are immunosuppressed.

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It is safe. But it probably doesn't taste good. I won't try it but you can for me.

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i saved up my iguanas urine for a week and drank it all in one sitting. i proceeded to vomit.

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Q: Can you get sick for drinking someone else's urine?
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Can the oder of dog urine kill you or make you sick?

no unless your like drinking it

Are you supposed to drink cat pee?

No, never. Drinking any urine will likely make you very sick.

Why is it important not to share a drinking straw with someone else?

so you don't get sick

What do you do if you drink pee. Is it life threatening or will you get sick?

Drinking urine will not harm your body in any way. Many people drink their own urine in dire situations to keep them hydrated.

Can kissing someone who has been drinking alcohol make you sick if you are on flagyl?

Yes I think

Can pee replace water in cooking?

No, drinking urine makes you sick because it is full of the toxic substances that your body just got rid of!

When was Still Sick... Urine Trouble created?

Still Sick... Urine Trouble was created in 2000.

Can you die from drinking urine?

Ingesting urine is only guaranteed safe if it is your own. If you're drinking somebody else's, then there's a chance that you're getting toxins from the wrong section of the stream. It is really not advised to drink someone else's urine due to the fact that the chemicals, enzymes, and hormones in one's own urine is tailored to the person excreting it. If you're drinking someone else's, then it's like taking somebody's medication regime for whatever reason. The ratios of the chemicals involved aren't proportioned for you. Now, if you should decide to drink another's urine during Urolagnia play, then you will get less of their toxins and hormones if you only ingest midstream from a healthy partner. Urine shouldn't have too many toxins to harm you unless there is something wrong with the health or diet of the host. Yes you can get sick from drinking urine. Urine is a waste product of the body. Your body let's it out for a reason.

Can dogs get sick from drinking algae water?

Yes, since humans can get sick from drinking it, then dogs can too.

Can a person get sick from another person's bad body odor?

NO you most likely won't get sick smelling someone elses fart because the smell ect. is not strong enough.

What effect does drinking collidal silver after drinking iodine have on the body?

You get sick?

Can you get sick from drinking your lunch?

You can get sick from imbibing anything if you have an intestinal problem.