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99% of the time, no. There are rare instances where you'll be so tired going into the trip that your body sort of shuts down near the end (usually around the 6-12 hour mark, depending on quality), and then you'll have some NICE dreams. If you go into a trip in any other condition than tired to the point of fainting, then you will not be sleeping while tripping. However, it's very nice to go to sleep right at the end of the trip, when you're a good ways down (but not completely down - just before it). Pleasant dreams as well. During the trip, you're so overstimulated that under most circumstances if you're able to go to sleep at all, then you've got some absolute bunk acid on your hands. The brain simply can't turn its switch off, metaphorically speaking. Don't trip tired, essentially. It's not as much fun. (Legal disclaimer: this is intended to be used as entertainment only - not actual advice in any way. The writer takes no part in claiming the truthfulness of his statements regarding drug use, as he does not want to risk time in Federal prison.)

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Yes, it is possible to fall asleep on ecstasy, but it usually wont happen until the end of your high. Generally it depends on the type of pill that you take. so buy a pill tester, its REALLY worth the investment, There are different pills and they may be cut with heroin, speed, or can be just pure ecstasy.

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Although it is possible, it is very difficult.

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Q: Can you fall asleep while high on mushrooms?
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Can you fall asleep while high from marijuana?

Marijuana puts you to sleep!

Why is it when you touch something cold while your foot is asleep it wakes up?

When you touch something cold with your feet while you are asleep you will wake up because of the high sensitivity bearing in mind that when we are asleep we are usually very awake.

Does marijuana affect the effects of psychedelic mushrooms?

Yes. Both marijuana and magic mushrooms are hallucinogens (marijuana is a very mild hallucinogen, though), so smoking marijuana while on magic mushrooms will enhance your high.

What effects does smoking weed have when you're on magic mushrooms?

They are both hallucinogens, so, they go nicely together. Smoking weed while on magic mushrooms will enhance and intensify the high.

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Can animals get contact high from mushrooms if you touch them while tripping?

Nope.I pet my animals all the time when I'm frying.

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If you have high tolerance will 100mg of Valium get you high?

ehhh I think you'd just fall asleep. I've taken 80 mgs before feeling nothing until I smoked some G13 But then again I have a high tolerance to everything.

Why can't you sleep when you just drink energy drink?

Energy drinks typically contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar, both of which can affect your ability to fall asleep.

Why are the spores important to the mushrooms?

mushrooms are not non-flowering plant,they are fungi

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