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if you've been having sex for a few months and you haven't noticed your belly getting larger then no you aren't pregnant.

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Q: Can you easliy get pregnant wen you get off any kind of birth control i was depo den the pill in a month me and my bf been having unprotect sex can i be pregnant?
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Can you get pregnant having protective sex when stopping the birth control?

yes, if you use a condom and it breaks you can get pregnant.

Could you get pregnant after having intercourse 5 days after starting birth control?

With or without protection you can still become pregnant.

How quickly will you get pregnant after having Norplant removed?

Return to fertility is quick after having the contraceptive implant removed. The average patient having sex without birth control get pregnant within about 9 months.

Can you get pregnant if you stop taking the birth control pill in the middle of the pack and stop having sex?

If you don't have sex, you won't get pregnant.

You justed started having a regular period while on the pill can you get pregnant now?

You are not likely to get pregnant while you're on the birth control pill.

You were on birth control about a month ago and you were supposed to already have your period this past month and it never came Does that mean Im pregnant?

No it means that your body is getting used to having it and then not having it so it does not mean that you are pregnant.

Can you sue for getting pregnant on depo?

Pregnancy is a known risk of having sex, even with birth control.

Can you still get pregnant if you're on birth control and using the withdrawal method?

If you're on birth control then you don't need to use to withdrawal method because you're having protected sex. It is very unlikely that you will get pregnant

You stopped your birth control pills a week after having sexcan you become pregnant a week after stopping your pills but had sex aweek before?

Yes you can become pregnant a week after you have stopped taking birth control pills.

If your taking birth control and having safe sex can you get pregnant?

Yes. No birth control is 100% safe. The pill used with a condom is the best one.

Can a women become pregnant 6 years after having a tubal and with the help of birth control pills?

A tubal ligation is a highly effective method of preventing pregnancy. Birth control pills prevent, but don't help, a woman to get pregnant. Combining tubal ligation and birth control pills is not an effective way to get pregnant.

You just stop taking your birth control pills about a month ago how can you become pregnant?

By having unprotected sex.