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If you are talking about water... OF COURSE NOT...BUT if you are talking about tequila or alcohol or soda... YES. Hope this information helped.

NOTE: Actually people can and do die from drinking too much water. Any substance, even water, is a poison in large enough quantities. Water poisoning (hyponatremia) has increased as universities have cracked down on the use of alcohol in fraternity hazings.

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Q: Can you drink too much kombucha?
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can you drink kombucha while on coumadin.

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What was Alexander Solzhenitzyn's experience with kombucha tea?

Alexander Solzhenitzyn, the Nobel Prize winning Russian author, reported that kombucha tea, which he began to drink during a prison term, cured his stomach cancer.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink popular for its health claims. To differentiate it from the bacteria and yeast culture, the beverage is sometimes called kombucha tea. The addition of juice, spices, fruit, and other flavourings is common.

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