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no keratin is healthy

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Q: Can you die if ecstasy pills get laced with something called keratin?
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Is cocaine laced with ecstasy safe to inject?


What is Mercedes ecstasy laced with?

Almost every ecstasy pill is different. Any dealer could get any press stamp and put whatever they want in it.

Why do your eyes shake when on ecstasy?

While under the influence: sometimes as it can be laced with amphetamines or caffeine. Not usually afterwards though. If the only active ingredient in the ecstasy pill is MDMA, your hands shouldn't be much shakier than normal.

What is a meth bomb?

A meth bomb is a tab of MDMA (Ecstasy) that has been laced with methamphetamine. Try to stay away from these, buy a testing kit.

Can marijuana be laced with liquid methadone?

Yes, it is possible to lace marijuana with liquid methadone. This dangerous practice can lead to serious health risks and even overdose, as methadone is a potent opioid medication. It is important to only consume substances obtained from trustworthy sources to avoid unknowingly ingesting harmful substances.

Does weed make your pupils dilate?

No. If it does, it's laced. I got addicted to weed laced with crank, so if you're pupils get as wide as saucer plates, there's something goin' on.

Is there a certain kind of marijuana that can kill you?

not unless its laced with something that isn't normally found in the plant's structure

Why did you have a ton of cold sweat and vomit after smoking pot?

You shouldn't. Unless you were allergic to it. It was probably laced with something.

How can you tell if you smoke marijuana laced with ecstasy?

There may be a sudden increase in energy levels and euphoria beyond the effects of marijuana alone. Physical symptoms like dilated pupils, sweating, and increased heart rate may also occur. It's important to seek medical help if you suspect you've ingested a substance without your knowledge.

When was Laced - album - created?

Laced - album - was created in 1998.

When was Laced moray created?

Laced moray was created in 1801.

Can marijuana be laced with meth?

Yes, marijuana can potentially be laced with methamphetamine. This practice is dangerous and illegal, and individuals who consume it unknowingly can face serious health risks. It is essential to obtain marijuana from a trustworthy and reputable source to avoid the possibility of it being laced with other substances.