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Yes. You can clone a marijuana plant without rooting hormone, the rooting hormone simply helps encourage root growth following standard cloning procedure (see Google) without using hormone will work, although this varies in success rate from strain to strain...

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Q: Can you clone a marijuana plant without rooting hormone and if not why not?
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If you clone a male marijuana plant will the clone be male?


How do you clone sunflowers?

They clone very easily. Just take a sharp knife and cut off a shoot growing above a large leaf at a 45deg angle. Dip in rooting hormone. I use a homemade cloning machine that mists the cutting 24/7 and in about 7 days you have roots. I am trying a leaf cutting. Looks like it is rooting witch will set me get a lot more clones off one plant.

Can marijuana leaves be clones?

no such thing as a marijuana leaf being clone its impossible! so the answer is nope dumb boy!:)

How do you clone marijuana?

yes but it does not work as often, its best to do it when you know its a female but is still in its vegitative state then when its a clone it is in the vegitative stage, the main stage for growing

How do you get a female marijuana plant?

go to the club and they will sell you seeds or u can buy a clone

How do they feminize marijuana seeds?

They dont. the seed is either male or female. the female seed is hte one that grows the "flower" or the bud..the male seed will produce seeds which you do not want. if you take a little clip of the female seed, dip it in some rooting compound, it will grow again as the same plant known as a clone... that way you need no seeds and have an unlimited supply of weed. enjoy.

Do marijuana clones get stronger after every clone?

No, marijuana clones do not get stronger after every clone. The genetic potential of the plant is determined by the parent plant from which the clone is taken. However, environmental factors such as nutrients, light, and care can influence the overall strength and health of the plant.

How can you clone?

you cant clone yourself without a bunch of science stuff.if you did have that stuff, you wouldn't be able to clone in the united states cause its not legal

Why marijuana female cloned plants produce male seeds?

If you clone a human female can she only have female babies? No.

Can you clone Pokemon without an action replay?

No you can not.

How many times can you clone a clone marijuana plantwithout using a mother and will quality improve or get worse the more times you clone a clone?

Cloning can be done an infinite amount of times, producing the same quality plant every time (minus mutations). Quality can go either way if mutations are cloned, but don't expect a large clone regardless of it's source.

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon pearl with action replay?

well, you can't really clone them without a AR