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They dont. the seed is either male or female. the female seed is hte one that grows the "flower" or the bud..the male seed will produce seeds which you do not want. if you take a little clip of the female seed, dip it in some rooting compound, it will grow again as the same plant known as a clone... that way you need no seeds and have an unlimited supply of weed. enjoy.

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Marijuana from seeds that were grown to be female. This ensures a female plant, thus ensuring higher grade marijuana.

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Q: How do they feminize marijuana seeds?
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What is marijuana seeds used for?

growing marijuana plants

What is the best way to force bud marijuana?

to feminize it you must give it 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness each day.

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Does marijuana slow down the sperm count in a man?

Eating marijuana seeds will NOT lower sperm count. It might in fact boost it as marijuana seeds are the most nutritious seeds in nature. Eating marijuana seeds is extremely good for ones health. Marijuana seeds contain oils, proteins and vitamins and NO THC, which is the narcotic agent in the parts of the plant that are used for euphoric/medical effect.

Can i germinate marijuana seeds in the dark?

yes, a dark warm place is best for germing most kinds of seeds, including marijuana.

Is it illegal to buy marijuana seeds in Tennessee?

Yes, buying marijuana seeds in Tennessee is highly illegal, and you could go to jail for it.

What is marijuana made out of?

Marijuana is grown not made.Marijuana is made of the leaves and stems, and sometimes the seeds, of the marijuana plant.

Do you smoke marijuana from the male plant or the female?

Both, Male marijuana plants have seeds in their flowers. Female marijuana plants don't have seeds in their flowers. The good weed doesn't have seeds, so do yourself a favor and smoke the females and kill the males.

Where do you find marijuana?

EVERYWHERE. Its grown from seeds.

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