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Yes. Short-term can last for days to weeks, as the vocal chords are exhausted and slightly damaged (dry, overstretched, etc.); long-term can result in permanent loss.

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It depends on how you're screaming. But if you continue to scream on a daily basis, then my guess is yes, you will ruin your voice.

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Q: Can yelling cause you to lose your voice?
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How can you lose your voice for a prank?

The only way possibly to lose your voice is by either yelling loudly, or going through your period where your voice intends to change its pitch. It is in this time that you are likely to lose your voice for a short period of time. but to lose your voice for a prank is not possible.

If you sing too much will you lose your voice?

No, not really. Losing your voice is caused when the vocal chords are strained. This is caused by yelling a lot or can be caused by sickness.

Can tomato paste cause you to lose your voice?


What is the difference between raising the voice and yelling?

Raising the voice typically involves speaking louder than normal to convey emphasis or urgency, while yelling is speaking loudly in a forceful or aggressive manner. Raising the voice can also be done intentionally to be heard in a noisy environment, while yelling is often a sign of anger or frustration.

What is a yelling?

A yell is a loud shout with the voice.

Is shouting and yelling the same thing?

No it isn't the same thing, yelling is louder than shouting, shouting is raising your voice quite a bit but yelling is raising your voice to the loudest it can go.

Can yelling destoy your singing voice?

No it can not destroy your singing voice. But if you keep on yelling 24/7, then yeh it can ruin your singing voice. So.....try not to yell a lot.

What is the word to call out in a loud voice?


How do you throw your voice across a room?

by yelling.

Can excessive cigarette smoking deepen the voice?

It can destroy your voice- as in lose it completely. It can also cause a very "scratchy" voice- but deeper- no.

What do I not do if I loose my voice?

If you lose your voice, it is important not to strain or push your voice by whispering or speaking loudly. Avoid coughing, clearing your throat excessively, or smoking as these can further irritate your vocal cords. It is also advisable to rest your voice and avoid excessive talking or yelling until it recovers.

If your singing voice sounds different what does it mean?

it means you have a sour voice from yelling or singing