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Q: Can you lose your voice by screaming into a pillow?
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How do you make yourself lose your voice?

by screaming lots and helling lots too

How do you lose your voice with out screaming?

You could get sick around the vocal or throat area

How does screaming affect your vocal chords?

Screaming may affect your vocal cords because if you scream to much you may lose your voice

How can you loos your voice?

When a person loses their voice it is usually from over use such as screaming and or singing a lot. Some people lose their voice when they are sick or have allergies.

How can you lose your voice without screaming?

i think the best thing to do is not talk that will keep you from straining your voice anymore than it already is.

What singing techniques harm your voice?

i say screaming

Who is the voice in the pillow pet commercial?

Debbie grattan.

How do people lose their voices?

Infection in the throat due to flu or cold can cause loss of voice. Also using the vocal chords for long periods like singing, lecturering, screaming, and shouting can strain the vocal chords to cause loss of voice

What is a peacocks voice?

A screeching sound similar to a person screaming.

What happens when you almost lose your voice but you still smoke?

You Lose Your Voice

Which has a higher pitch a bass guitar or a screaming voice?

Hahaa, that's a funny question. Which bass guitar and who is screaming? Generally speaking, the pitch range of the human voice is much higher than a bass guitar.

Does screaming shorten your lifespan?

No. It may damage your voice though. But if it is stressfull screaming, yes. Stress can shorten your life span by a few years.