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Since ecstasy is not a hallucinogen, you don't technically trip when you're on it.

But to answer your question, probably not.

There is almost no data studying the long term effects of MDMA, however it is known that it does not build up in your system. There are several studies pointing to moderate use not causing any permanent chemical imbalances.

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Q: Can taking ecstasy make you trip years later?
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What will make ecstasy show up in drag test?

taking ecstasy

Where to go if taking ecstasy?

try to make it at someones house !

Does ecstasy make you violent or happy this girl i no is thinking about taking it will she get violent?

No. Ecstasy does not make people violent. It will cause a person to dehydrate if they move around a lot. Make sure you watch your water intake.

Do you see stuff when you are on ecstasy?

Taking ecstasy can make one see things that are not really there in reality. Some people who have taken ecstasy claim to have seen angels and demons standing in front of them. Some say that ecstasy just makes them sensitive to certain lighting. However, ecstasy's effects on people vary greatly. Some do not feel ecstasy, while some feel it greatly.

Why is it hard to swallow after ecstasy?

MDMA does not make it hard to swallow after taking ecstay, pills with meth or other apps make it hard to swallow.

Can ecstasy make you gain weight?

Ecstasy actually will make you lose weight. The methanphetamine in ecstasy makes it highly addictive. Unlike marijuana, ecstasy makes you not want to eat for many hours. So the more you take ecstasy, the less you'll eat.

Does ecstasy make you break out?

ecstasy itself doesnt make you break out, its all the sweating you do when you're rolling balls

Can ecstasy make people sterile?


What happens if you mix ecstasy with Zoloft?

bad drug interactions. bad as in death. stop taking Prozac if your not depressed. if you are depressed, never take ecstasy. it will just make you more depressed. i know a kid who killed himself the day after taking ecstasy.

Should people who have asthma avoid ecstasy?

Maybe. I've always heard that you shouldn't take ecstasy unless you're very, very, heakthy, but it affects the heart more than the lungs. Try taking a half pill and see how it affects you. Make sure you're with peope and your inhaler.

Does ecstasy make your brainstem bleed?

No its all propaganda.

Why does ecstasy make you gurn?

because your off your box