Can std medication hurt you

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Any medication if taken incorrectly can hurt you. In fact just about anything can hurt or kill you if taken to excess.

Always take it as prescribed by your doctor.

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Q: Can std medication hurt you
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Will swallowing hurt you?

Unless it has an STD, then no it is harmless.

Will swallowing semen hurt you?

Unless it has an STD, then no it is harmless.

Why no pain after take medication?

Strange it should still hurt after medication

Does it hurt doing bareback?

It doesn't hurt any more than with protection, you just run the risk of HIV or any other STD.

Can your own semen hurt you by getting in your butt?

No! but it can give you multiple diseases and std's depending on if their clean or not!

Why does your urine hole hurt?

It should not hurt. You may want to see a doctor. Pain in the urethra of your genital may be a sign of an STD or sexually transmitted disease.

Is it ok if one gets a naval piercing while taking meds for a STD?

I would suggest you wait til you are done with the medication for your STD. Peircing anything loads you immune system down and if you are trying to get rid of an STD then piercing should be the last thing you need to worry about.

What are sties that don't hurt around the anal opening?

Probably anal warts - an STD. See a doctor.

Will giving ivomect orally to 75lb dog hurt them in any way?

Giving Ivomect to a 75 pound dog needs to be done through a shot. This is a medication for heartworms and it could hurt them if they are given the medication orally.

What kind of medication is good for one who has had unprotected sex?

Aspirin for your headache while you sit there and worry if you have an STD or gotten someone pregnant.

Can zanex hurt you?

Yes. Its a highly dangerous medication. Only take it as perscribed

Does biopsy's hurt?

Sorry, But unless you have been completely knocked out with gas or medication, yes it will hurt. And even with the anisthetic, it still hurts :(