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Yes, it can cause pretty much anything!!! You are killing yourself with smoking.

I recommend reading "Cancer is not a disease, it is a survival mechanism" By Andras Moritz.

You should be growing your own tobacco and smoking that. You will live WAY longer, and have less issues.

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Q: Can smoking cause numbness in little finger?
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what can cause numbness in lefthand ring finger and pinky finger also suffer from degenerative disc disease.?

what can cause numbness in left hand ring finger and pinky finger also suffer from degenerative disc disease

What causes numbness in a left thumb?

Generally finger numbness is a result of conditions that affect nerves and/or blood vessels that supply the fingers. It is also associated with tingling. It need to be sorted out if the problem associated with only left thumb. Frequent symptoms are referred as finger paresthesia.

What would cause numbness in my finger after shooting and missing a heroin shot?

My guess would be that you hit a nerve or tendon. But that's just my guess.

Can Adderall cause toe numbness?

Im not sure if it does, but i took 80mg today and I have numbness in some of my finger tips and one of my toes. Not an expert or anything, but my guess is yes.

Can a cold sore cause facial numbness?

Because the herpes virus affects nerves, and is dormant in nerves, an outbreak of any kind of herpes can cause some numbness and tingling in the area.

What causes cold finger tip?

Red finger tips usually appear after constant pressure to the finger tips. Having to press some buttons or operate a tool such as a cigarette lighter for too long will cause red finger tips.

Can giving blood cause numbness in fingers?

Yes, giving blood can cause numbness in fingers however, this is not a normal reaction. If you experience numbness in your fingers after giving blood, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Can lipitor cause numbness in feet?


Can fibroids cause pelvic pain and leg numbness and anemia?

Yes, heavy bleeding and fibroid pressing on nerves can cause pelvic pain and numbness.

I just started to have a shooting pain in my left hand that goes from the wrist to the middle finger only for a few seconds at a time. What could be the cause?

Hard to tell w/o exam and history. If you have been using your finger or hands more over the last week or two could, be just a strain. If it is more of a numbness or tingling and mainly at night or the first 2 or 3 fingers are also involved then you think more about carpal tunnel syndrome. Something called trigger finger can sometimes start out with vague finger pain etc..It is where you have a knot or nodule on your tendon and it can cause the finger to "trigger" or lock-up when bending and then straightening out your finger. If you have a pinched nerve in the neck you can sometimes get finger numbness or an ache, but you typically will have radiating pain down the arm from the neck and/or shoulder area.

What are the names of the parts of the body that can be lost and cause no bother?

appendix, little finger lol why do we need a little finger anyway? Im gonna ask tht on here actually lmao Appendix really

Can a knee strap cause calf numbness?

A knee strap can cause numbness due to circulation being cut off. If numbness accurs, loosen the strap. For further first aid information please visit