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Yes. Lexapro has all kinds of horrible side effects including skipped periods, excessive weight gain, insomnia, etc. Read more at: ~T

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I just started welbutrin early october. I was weening off of sertraline. I had a period on october 9th which lasted two days and was very light. I was already late so I thought and had taken a pregnancy test the day before I got it. So this month I've been very nauseas and tired and irritated. I haven't gotten my period. I took a test still negative. Is the medicine causing this? Could I be pregnant? and does the medicine cause a inaccurate PT test?

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Yes it may cause missed periods and sometimes painful periods

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Q: Can lamictal cause you to miss your period?
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Can stress cause you to miss your period?

Yes. Stress can cause you to miss your period.

Can infection cause you to miss period?


Can xanax cause you to get your period late or miss a period?

Xanax (alprazolam) will not cause missed or late periods.

Is it possible to miss your period after having mid-ccle bleeding but after getting sick?

Yes! Being ill can cause you to be more stressed and cause you to miss your period. There are several reasons you may skip a period.

Can you miss a period by being to nervous to miss the period?

No - stress or other issues may cause your period to be delayed a day or so but not miss a period altogether. ok if you missed your period one month do not worry just be happy

Can working out cause you to skip or delay your period?

Yes excessive working out or extreme weightloss can cause you to miss a period.

Does prenatal vitamins cause you to miss your period?

No prenatal vitamins do not cause you to miss your period - they are vitamins, thus have no influence on your menstrual cycle. Consider that if prenatal vitamins did cause you to miss your period (which would only happen if you missed ovulation) then they would prevent pregnancy, this work against those who were taking them!

What is the cause for you to miss your period for two months?

you may be pregnant!

Can a vaginal infection from spermicide condoms cause you to miss a period?


Can the switch to a vegetarian diet make you miss a period?

Not necessarily although sometimes inadequate nutrition (vegetarian or not) can cause one to miss a period.

Could lamictal cause numb hands?

Numbness would not be a common side effect of Lamictal but we "never say never".

What could cause you to miss your period 2 months in a row?