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Yes. Stress can cause you to miss your period.

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Q: Can stress cause you to miss your period?
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What could cause you to miss your period if you are a virgin?

Hormones and/or stress. Going through alot of stress can affect your period.

Can paranoia cause a teen to miss a period?

Any stress can do that regardless of age.

What does it mean when you miss your period but then you get it the next month?

Stress can cause it. It's not a big deal.

What can missed period indicate?

stress, anxioty, and or depression can cause you to miss a period. hormone imbalances can also cause you to miss a period. changes in diet and exercise cause miss periods. if you have missed your period you are probably not pregnant, you are probably just stressing your body. see your doctor for more information.

Can starting a new job cause you to miss your period?

i think it could, depending on your stress levels.

How much stress would it take to cause you to miss your period?

It depends on your height, weight, body mass, nutritional level, regularity of menstruation cycle, amongst many other factors. Stress alone generally does not cause one to miss their period.

Can overweight miss periods?

no over weight cannot miss the period bcoz period is miss by lack or cause due to some other underlying causes like stress poor health

Can airplane flight cause you to miss a period?

No but stress can delay it. It also depends on how old you are, if you are normally regular or not.

Can a new diet and a lot of stress cause you to miss a period?

Most definitely! A sudden drop in weight or an extreme diet can also cause a woman to miss or alter her period. Stress, too, can cause a missed period. However, see your Health Care Professional if you miss your period and are sexually active - even if you are using birth control. remember, the only sure fire way to prevent pregnancy is to practice abstinence!

Can stress cause missed period?

Yep. In fact sometimes if your really stressed about if your pregnant the stress can make you miss and make you even more stressed.

Can trauma such as a car accident cause you to miss a period?

I'm not a doctor. Stress in general can cause you to miss a period, so a traumatic event such as a car accident, a death of a loved one, or even a huge test can cause you to miss your period. And if it's just causing you to be late, it's amazing how quickly after you relax that your normal period will start.

Can it be possible to miss your period due to stress?


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