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Q: Can it be harmful to drink Ensure or Boost after expiration?
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Is nescafe harmful?

if you are already ill, is not a good ideea to drink it. in time will making your body week, if you drink day, after day. too much energy boost in a day is harmful.

How long is the nutritional drink boost good after expiration date?

It is generally not recommended to consume nutritional drinks such as Boost after the expiration date, as the nutritional content and safety of the product cannot be guaranteed. The expiration date on a product is the date after which the manufacturer can no longer ensure the quality, safety, and efficacy of the product. Consuming expired nutritional drinks can potentially cause foodborne illness, gastrointestinal upset, and other health risks. Therefore, it is recommended to always check the expiration date before consuming any food or beverage, and to discard any products that have passed their expiration date.

What does ensure plus drinks do drink ensure gain weight how much ensure plus do you need to drink in order to gain weight where do you get boost plus and ensure plus?

yes ensure plus and boost plus make you gain weight. It says it on the label "to help GAIN and maintain weight". I think that you have to drink 1 a day but if you really need to gain weight then you could drink 2. No harm done. And in about 2 weeks you could gain about 10 pounds :) you could buy them at the CVS by the medicine section they are only 8.99 but at Fiesta supermarket they are 7.99 they are cheaper :)

Can you drink milk after the experation date?

It is not recommended to consume milk after the expiration date as it can spoil and may lead to foodborne illness. It is best to discard milk if it has passed its expiration date to ensure your health and safety.

How long is Boost nutrition drink good to consume safely?

how long is boost nutrition drink good for survival?

Are there any nutritional supplement drinks without vitamin k?

What kind of supplement drink (exp. Boost or Ensure ) that doesn't have vitamin K as I am taking coumidin.

Will Boost drink help you gain weight as fast as drinking Ensure drink?

if you are a healthy patient, i wouldn't recomend either of those products solely for weight gain. try onesource optimal nutrition or a whey powder.

Is it harmful to drink if a person has asthma?

The question is "is it harmful to drink if a person has asthma?".Well when you say DRINK do you mean alcohal? Because if you are asking is it harmful to drink alcohal if you have asthma no. But it is harmful to your liver and you shouldn't drink.AnswerWell no it isn't really harmful for a person to drink if they have asthma but if you get really drunk it can effect you emotional being and it can trigger something.

Is there a dairy free ensure drink available?

If I cannot drink dairy products Is it safe for me drink Ensure

Can you drink boost while on chemo?


Can you drink ensure after the expiration date?

yes you can, but the quality may not be as good but its safe

How long after expiration date is ovaltine safe to drink?

2 months