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Yes, they can I have done it with a bunch of food in my mouth before and it can be done

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Q: Can human chew and swallow at the same time?
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Can people actually chew and swallow toothpicks?

I'm a long time toothpick chewer and yes it can be chewed to shreds and swallowed.

What happens when you swallow and hiccup at the same time?


On average how much saliva does a human swallow in a life time?

20 gallons

Does an American Crocodile swallow its food whole?

it usually bites the food a bit then yes it swallows it most of the time but alligators chew their food

Is it humanly possible to chew and talk simultaneously?

Yes, many people chew gum and talk at the exact same time.While it is possible to chew and talk at the same time, you risk choking on what your chewing on.

Is it possible to chew gum and walk at the same time?

Yes. Its easy

Walk and chew gum at the same time?

easy, but it takes practice. First walk about 10 feet then chew gum and Surprise you've did It!!

Can you eat and chew at the same time?

of coarse who cant im a dermitoligist so i know wot happens and you poo at the same time though

Is it possible to digest all your food at the same time?

It depend on the amount of food. If you simply swallow, lets say, a small strawberry, without chewing, and call that all your food, then yes, the entire strawberry would be digested at the same rate. However, if you were eating, lets say, a peice of chicken, and you were taking the time to chew and swallow each bite, then each of these swallows would be slightly off. For example, when you are chewing one peice, another might be in your esophagous, or in your stomach.

What happens when person talk and swallow at the same time?

You could possibly have a choke-coughing fit

How do you eat whale?

In very small pieces, unless you have a very large frying-pan.

Can a piranha eat a horse?

A piranha (singular) can eat anything that it can chew through or swallow whole, given enough time. A horse has vaguely similar characteristics to a human in the sense that it's skin is not protective in that sense, so yes, a piranha can indeed eat a horse, given enough time. Now a whole school would be able to do so in minutes.