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Q: Can going through withdrawals cause you to feel sluggish?
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How do you spell withdrawals?

If you're going through withdrawal, you're withdrawing.

Can a fuse going bad cause a 4 cylinder 2005 Nissan altima to run sluggish if it is going bad?

A fuse doesn't go bad. It protects a circuit. If the circuit is overloaded the fuse blows. If your Nissan is running sluggish, it is not a fuse going bad.

What would cause your '95 Cavalier 2.2 5-speed to become sluggish when going up a hill?

Change your fuel filter.

Why would a car get sluggish while driving but recover when you let up on the accelerator?

could be that the sparkplugs are going bad or the spark plug cables which would cause missfire

What would cause a gas pedal to lose acceleration after starting the car?

It could be your MAF sensor. Mass air flow sensor that measures the air going into the intake. This could likely cause sluggish acceleration.

Why is your 99 s10 sluggish and surging when going up hills?

When a 1999 S10 is sluggish and surging with going up hills, perhaps there is a problem with the transmission. The filter might need to be changed, more fluid added, or it might need a complete overhaul.

What is the reason for a sluggish air conditioner fan?

It could be that the capacitor is going bad or the bearings in the motor.

What would cause your 96 C1500 V6 Pickup once it has warmed up going down the road to feel sluggish or seem to loose power when you give it the gas?

I'd check the fuel filter first.

How do you know if your addicted to pain killers?

If your body is going thru withdrawals & u need it everyday.

Can poverty cause depression?

Yes going through the hard times can be difficult

When going through opiate withdrawals does anyone else get tickling or a sensation similar to RLS in their legs or arms?

Yes. When i am injected with delodid at the emergency room, I always get that feeling. Like I have restless legs and I want to get up and walk around.

Will the wrong size battery cause sluggish start in 1999 Malibu?

Not really as long as you have the correct size 12 volt battery the CCA rating will not effect the batteries initial ability to start the engine. It may not be able to turn the engine over as long as a higher rated battery but it will start the engine if all is as it should be. A sluggish start sounds like you may have a starter going bad.