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Q: Can gentamicin to be mixed with santyl ointment?
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Can santyl ointment fade stretch marks?


What is the difference between gentamicin ointment and gentamicin ophthamalic ointment?

Gentamicin ointment is to be used externally for skin infections and such while Gentamicin ophthalmic ointment is for the eyes ONLY! Also, if it is an old prescription OR someone else's script, DO NOT use it. Even with something as simple as an antibiotic, it can be harmful is misused. Hope this helps!

What is the classification of santyl?

Santyl is classified as an enzymatic debriding agent. It contains the enzyme collagenase, which helps to break down dead tissue in wounds, promoting healing. Santyl is typically used in the treatment of chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers.

Can collagenase santyl ointment help to heal surgical scars?

Yes it will help heal a surgical wound. Santyl is a topical enzymatic debriding agent. What this means is that by applying the Santyl ointment daily you will be removing dead tissue from the wound bed. This process called 'Debriding' is necessary in order for the wound to heal. Santyl promotes granulation (i.e. new tissue growth) and subsequent epithelialization (i.e. closure) of the wound by removing dead tissue which is blocking the healing process.

What is the proper nomenclature of a compound consisting of a cream and an ointment?

When a cream and an ointment are mixed together, the resulting product is typically referred to as a "compound cream ointment." This nomenclature highlights that the product contains both cream and ointment components.

How do you get ointment out of hair?

baking soda mixed with shampoo! works perfectly!

Can lidocaine be mixed with sotradecol?

If the lidocaine is administered as an ointment, to minimize the pain of a sotradecol injection, there should be no undue interaction difficulty. However, if the two substances are actually mixed and then placed on the skin as an ointment, or injected together in one shot, it is possible that lidocaine absorption would be enhanced, beyond what it otherwise would have been. Either two shots, or one shot and one ointment application, should be OK; one shot, or a mixed ointment, is risky.

Which is better for conjunctivitis tobramycin or gentamicin?

Tobramycin is better than gentamicin for Conjunctivitis.

What is santyl used for?

Santyl is used to help remove dead tissue from wounds, such as chronic skin ulcers and severe burns. It works by breaking down and softening the dead tissue to assist in the healing process.

What is Gentamicin?

Gentamicin is a gram-negative, heat-stable antibiotic. It is not taken orally, but can be used topically or intravenously.

Which is more effective for a cat with conjunctivitis tobramycin or gentamicin?

Conjunctivitis tobramycin is more effective than gentamicin for a cat.

Is gentamicin a sulfa?

No, it's an aminoglycoside.