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Q: Can consequences be good and bad?
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Are all of the consequences of the black death bad?

It was bad and good because............

Are bad choices and good choices equally likely to have negative consequences?

It should be obvious that the reason we would consider a choice to be good is that it is likely to have good consequences, and similarly, we would consider a choice to be bad because it has bad consequences. There are also choices that are relatively inconsequential, which are a matter of taste, rather than being either good or bad.

What is a consequences of change?

Change is mostly good but it can be bad. Obama's change is good.

How impulsivity is good and how it is bad for a person?

It is good for a person because people save time by being impulsive and it is bad for a person because people do many mistakes by being impulsive they do not think about consequences and almost all consequences be bad.

When do you face consequences?

There is no set time for when a person has to face the consequences of his actions. But rest assured, whether your actions are good or bad, you will face the consequences at some point. It often cannot be determined beforehand whether the consequences will be good or bad; there's always the possibility someone may take an action they feel is good at the time but the outcome is not so good, and vice versa. It is always best to weigh the consequences before you take action and use your best judgment.

What are good behavior and bad behavior?

a good/bad behavior is determined through it's consequences,faith,consistence and culture when a certain behaviuor is levelled against these aspects it can be described as good or bad.

What is the meaning of pragmatic ethics?

this is an ethical theory which holds that the morality of human acts depends on consequences or results. An action is right if it leads to good consequences; wrong if it leads to bad consequences.

What are the legal consequences of having cannabis?

Very bad. If found you will be taken to court and get bad consequences.

What are the consequences of a Spousal Roth IRA?

There are good and bad consequences regarding Spousal Roth IRAs. On the good side of things, they allow more wealth accumulation as funds stay in the account and are constantly re-invested. On the bad side, timing is essential and tax penalties may be invoked.

What are the consequences of a chairman?

'Consequences of chairman" are the prices we pay for bad behavior, lapses in judgement, bad decisions

What are the health consequences in lesbianism?

No bad health consequences.

What is the relationship between decisions and consequences?

The difference between decisions and consequences is that decisions is when you make up your mind. And a consequence is the effect, result or outcome of something occuring earlier. It can be good or bad !