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I don't think so... I was taking clonazepam for stress and sleep disorder and never had swelling... I got into trouble with the law Mar 2010 and they took me off the drug and then I started getting the swelling... I thought because of the cement floor and wearing those cheap 'flip-flops' on the hard cement floor. I spent 28 days in Clay County Jail (that place sucks!) then transferred to Wekiva Springs Recovery Hospital... still off clonazepam and wearing the flip-flops... The swelling was way worse in my left ankle... sometime during these two months I got the worse aches in the balls of me feet... Still really hurts bad when I get up in the morning. I think it may be spurs, but have not yet seen a podiatrist for it... I have to walk 'tippy-toe' for a while till I can accept the pain.... Cheers,

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Q: Can clonazepam cause swelling in ankles?
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Can kidney problems cause swelling in feet and ankles?

YES. If the kidneys are not functioning properly you will get water retention causing swelling of feet and ankles.

Does lisinopril cause swelling in both ankles?

yes....severe for me

Salt wraps to reduce swelling in ankles?

The salt draws out excess water under the skin, therefor reduces swelling in ankles.

What causes swelling in your ankles and hands?

Cancer I don't think cancer would be the correct answer. There are a number of reasons for swelling in the hands and ankles.

What causes stinging swollen ankles?

Treatment for swollen ankles depends on the cause of the swelling. For example. if the swelling is caused by injury or overuse, then resting and taking an anti-inflammatory might be in order. On the other hand, if the swelling is due to water retention, drinking plenty of water and elevating your feet may be helpful.

Can too much salt cause ankle swelling?

Yes, consuming too much salt can cause ankle/foot swelling. Because over consumption will cause the body to retain more water, the ankles can swell from the water retention.

Can wearing boots cause swelling ankles?

Maybe if the boots don't fit. Otherwise, your footwear shouldn't make your ankles swell up, no. You might have a circulation problem - if it keeps up, see a doctor about it.

After hospitalization have reduced swelling in legs how do I reduce swelling in feet and ankles?

Why are your legs and ankles swelled? This is vital, as this is a sign of heart trouble. Put your feet your feet up and see the doctor.

Swelling of ankles due to medication?

Swelling of ankles due to medication is known as oedema. If you are sure that it is caused by the medication that you are taking, you should talk to your doctor. Massage therapy can also help the situation.

What cause swelling in the ankles?

fluid build-up can be caused by too much salt in the diet, also standing for long periods of time, there is medication for this condition, your doctor will have to do some tests to make sure your heart is OK, sometimes a heart condition will also cause swollen ankles

What are the symptoms of glomerulonephritis?

fatigue, high blood pressure, and swelling. Swelling is most notable in the hands, feet, ankles and face.

What causes discoloring and swelling ankles?

Maybe something hurt it or maybe it is infected