Does lisinopril cause swelling in both ankles?

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yes....severe for me

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Q: Does lisinopril cause swelling in both ankles?
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You have pain in your instep plus swelling in both ankles?

Could be rheumatoid arthritics have it checked out by your doctor.

Is lisinopril the same as accupril?

Lisinopril is not the same as Accupril. Lisinopril is the generic name for Prinivil, while Accupril is the brand name for quinapril. However, both are prescribed for mild to moderate hypertension.

Can you take lisinopril with methadone?

If both are prescribed by a licensed physician, yes.

What causes severe pain swelling of both feet and ankles loss of both arches and discoloration of the skin dark and blotchy on tops of feet Can no longer bend or rotate either ankle or walk normally?

The severe swelling and loss of arches could be the symptoms of ankle damage to diabetes or a broken ankle. It is best to see a doctor about this.

What would cause severe swelling in both feet and legs with stomach bloating?

Minimal change disease.

Can your sinuses cause you to feel head swelling?

if you get a real bad sinus infection it can make your face have swelling both sides of your face can be involved i have seen it in one side and i seen it in both sides and it can become very painful to have to deal with

What leg did eight belles break?

She broke both ankles in both forelegs

What foot for you wear and anklet on?

the left, or right, or both. I wear anklets around both my ankles.

Can you wear an ankle bracelet on both ankles?

yes you can i do all the time

Do bruises and swelling cause weight gain?

No, but they do hurt.Swelling can cause weight gain, but bruising does not. If you have both bruising and swelling along with weight gain, it could be due to the swelling, but you should probably go to your doctor to make sure nothing else is going on, since those are pretty vague symptoms and you don't want anything serious to be going on that you ignore.

Can you take Lisinopril and melatonin together?

Lisinopril for high blood pressure. Melatonin for sleep. It'll work, but you'll have a hard time waking up. It's best to either take them both when you ain't got anything to do the next day or take them separately -- the melatonin for sleep and lisinopril when you wake up.

How does a rowing machine compare to a treadmill for aerobic activity?

Both rowing machines and treadmills offer good aerobic work outs. However treadmills cause more impact and stress on the knees and ankles. You may prefer rowing machines if you have joint pain or weak knees and ankles.

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