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no. but when you get the elastics in your mouth its a bit harder to open your mouth but you will be able to.

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Q: Can braces cause you to unable to open your mouth?
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Can brace get stuck together when you kiss?

just don't open your mouth and you'll be fine. No Braces can not get stuck together when you kiss. Trust me I Have Braces!! no that's a myth.

Do rubberband on braces hurt?

No all my friends have them and I might get them... You just have to worry about what you eat when you have them on, and how far you open your mouth... NOTHING to worry about...

When getting braces put on do you breathe through your mouth or your nose?

Well sometimes the assistant that helps with your teeth says to breath threw your nose but they have to open your mouth so that could be a little tricky breathing threw your mouth.

You had your lower wisdom tooth taken out 9 days ago you cant open your mouth at all what is the problem?

This is a huge problem, this simply indicates that there was a mishap during surgery that this person is unable to open there mouth. I suspect a torn muscle.

Does smoking marijuana cause infection if you have a open wound in mouth?

yes it does infact

Why do people eat with their mouth open?

Yes, it is considered very rude to chew with your mouth open. However, it is not technically physically harmful, but it can make you bite your tongue or cheek sometimes.

Why do bats fly with their mouth open?

because they do echos while hunting to find prey to eat and to avoid obsticles

The inside of my cheek feels like there is a bump there and it hurts whenever I open my mouth slightly I cant eat anything or it hurts I have braces and I think the bracket poked a hole.Relieve Pain?

Mouth sore i just answered my own question thanks guys...

Will your mouth ever open again after lockjaw?

When you get lockjaw the poopies in your heiny hole cause a smelly penis.

How do you chew with twin block braces?

It all depends on how big the plastic blocks are on the top and bottom appliance. Some people I know can close their mouth no problem with their twin blocks, while for example my blocks are too big so I always have a semi open mouth :(

How do you open mouth kiss?

I guess that u open ur mouth and use ur tongues

Why do people say not to speak with your mouth open?

People don't say not to speak with your mouth open, they say not to eat with your mouth open.