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Yes It can. X pills that are mostly or completely white in color usually have cocaine in them, though.

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it comes in different colors and shapes (Examples: four leaf clover, Benz logo, smiley face, ect.)

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Q: Can an ecstasy tablet be plain white?
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What is a round light orange ecstasy pill?

It's an ecstasy tablet, as should be obvious.

How long after taking an ecstasy tablet before you r safe?

depends on the pill. 2-4 hrs

What is a blue pill with K 9 imprint?

This sounds to me like you're describing an "E" or "Ecstasy" tablet.

What color is a heroin based Ecstasy pill?

Ecstasy can be any color of the rainbow, and can have imprints or symbols on it or not. It can be different shapes, and every batch of pills has a different mixture of different drugs. The main ingredient in ecstasy is MDMA otherwise known as molly. pure MDMA is white, but can be an off-white or brownish color.

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ecstasy in its pure form is white. so you have a better chance of having "good stuff". But be warned people can now dye their stuff to hide what they cut it with.

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