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Yes,taking a shower does help a stuffy nose. It makes it go away. I did it before and it works every time!

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Q: Can a hot shower help a stuffy nose?
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Do spicy foods help cure a stuffy nose?

yes try hot sauces in soup

What are some natural allergy relief methods?

If your allergy symptoms include stuffy nose and itchy eyes, some time in a steamy shower or over a bowl of hot water with mint and lemon will help.

Can standing in a hot shower help get rid of a clogged runny nose if so how long will it help for?

Standing in a hot shower can get rid of a clogged runny nose because of the steam, however, it does not last for a long period of time after the shower.

Can a hot towel get rid of a stuffy nose?


How do use stuffy in a sentence?

The room felt hot and stuffy. My nose was stuffy, my head hurt, and I ached all over because I had a cold.

What to drink when having a headache and stuffy nose?

hot green tea with sugar and honey

What to do Stuffy nose 4 yr old?

For a stuffy nose in a 4-year-old, you can try using saline nasal drops or a nasal spray to help relieve congestion. Encourage your child to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, which can help thin out mucus. Using a humidifier in their room can also help to provide moisture in the air and alleviate congestion. If symptoms persist or worsen, it's best to consult a healthcare professional.

What is the best cure for a stuffy nose?

Hot pepers or a nice warm cup of erbal tea

How do you treat a stuffy nose?

Put your nose in the pathway of hot steam and put vicks on your chest for a while and you should feel better.

What medicine should i take to make stuffy nose go away?

I would suggest a quite strong substance that would probably help well it helped me anyway hope that it will come to use for you

How do you cure a stuffy nose?

If your nose is stuffy, first blow your nose. them get Zicam. it is a good medicine for your stuffy nose. but sometimes your stuffy nose isn't always stuffy, it is just swollen. If your nose is swollen, you should put vasiline on the tip of your nose, above your sinisus. then, get a breathe right strip and put it on your sinisus

What do you do when you have a stuffy nose?

when you have a stuffy nose you should try to stay in bed for some part of the day, rub vicks on ur neck, chest and forehead and use a blankt and hot water bottle to stay nice and warm, get well soon!!