What medicine should i take to make stuffy nose go away?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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I would suggest a quite strong substance that would probably help well it helped me anyway hope that it will come to use for you

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There is a lot of medicines that can help with a stuffy nose. The most common medicine would be night and day-quail.

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Hot showers and chicken soup.

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Hey wats up

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Q: What medicine should i take to make stuffy nose go away?
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How do you relieve a stuffy nose?

You can't exactly cure a stuffy nose, but to make yourself feel better, you can drink chicken soup. You should try it, I drink it all the time when I have stuffy nose. It helps a lot. :D

How are jalepenos good for you?

They clear your sinuses. They really make your nose run if you have a stuffy nose.

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How do you get a blocked nose away quickly?

What Helps Me Is I Breath Out Of My Mouth For 5 To Ten Minutes. That Can Clear It For A Few Minutes Or For Good. What also helps is if you take a sugar free mint and suck on it and drink some water afterwards, that would work too. When you go to bed keep a towel or something under under your pillow for elevation. if your nose is irritating because of dust clear it out with some cold water and dab it gently with a tissue it stays clear for at least an hour

What could happen to your nose if you have a cat?

If you are allerigic to the cat. the cats dander would make you have a stuffy nose .

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You should probably see a doctor to make sure you are alright. If not, they may provide a medicine that you should take.

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