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Q: Can a hematoma have no bruising?
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What word means discolored by bruising?

I think you are going for hematoma.

What is the medical name for a black eye?

The medical term for a black eye is periorbital hematoma. It occurs when there is bruising and swelling around the eye as a result of injury or trauma.

What does the medical tearn circumorbital hematoma mean?

black eye,contusion around the eye with bruising, discoloration, and swelling. It is usually treated for the first 24 hours with ice packs to reduce swelling, then with hot compresses to aid in resorption of blood from the hematoma.

Is a hematoma reason for concern?

It depends a lot on how big the hematoma is and what the cause is. The common name for a hematoma is a bruise - a collection of blood under the surface of the skin. In most individuals, bruises are not something to worry about. However in people who experience persistent unexplained bruising, large bruises or bruises which take a very long time to heal, it is worth seeing a doctor to check whether blood clotting function is normal. In instances where you know you have done something which is going to cause a bruise, applying ice or a cold-pack to the area affected as soon as possible will reduce the amount of bruising which occurs.

Can you get a black eye postmortem from a gunshot wound to the head?

A black eye is simply a hematoma (bruise). A GSW to the head breaks bones, ruptures blood vessels--its very violent. To have blood settle or bruising occur peri-ocular (around the eyes) is not unusual. It would be unusual if there wasn't any bruising.

What about when found between the scalp and the brain?

A subgaleal hematoma is a collection of blood that occurs between the skin of the scalp and the galea aponeurotica, which is a dense tissue layer. This condition can lead to swelling and bruising, and in severe cases can cause pressure on the brain. Treatment may involve observation, drainage of the hematoma, or surgical intervention depending on the size and symptoms.

What happens if pressure is not applied when removing a needle following a venipuncture by a lab tech?

If pressure is not applied when removing a needle after a venipuncture, there could be an increased risk of bleeding from the puncture site. Applying pressure helps to stop the bleeding and prevent hematoma formation. Additionally, without pressure, the patient may experience discomfort or bruising at the puncture site.

Vaginal hematoma and you didnt fall What it is?

Any trauma can lead to a hematoma. Vaginal hematoma can be caused by intercourse.

Can a hematoma of the thigh cause numbness. I fell heavily 4 days ago and no bruising has come out but it is very sore and feels numb around the site where it hurts?

When you fall and injure your leg, it is possible that you injured the nerves, causing it to feel numb. Sometimes a visible bruise or hematoma will show up, but not always. It may take a week or more to begin to notice healing from this type of injury.

What if you have a hematoma on your eyebrow from hitting your head?

hematoma above eyebrow

Can a hematoma become an abscess?

Yes, a hematoma can become an abscess. There are several types of hematoma, and a few possibilities as to what kind of abscess can develop. The type of hematoma and the circumstances that drive it to abscess will determine what kind of abscess.

What is the difference between a periorbital hematoma and a bilateral periorbital hematoma?

periorbital hematoma is 1 black eye, bilateral is 2 black eyes