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It depends a lot on how big the hematoma is and what the cause is. The common name for a hematoma is a bruise - a collection of blood under the surface of the skin. In most individuals, bruises are not something to worry about. However in people who experience persistent unexplained bruising, large bruises or bruises which take a very long time to heal, it is worth seeing a doctor to check whether blood clotting function is normal.

In instances where you know you have done something which is going to cause a bruise, applying ice or a cold-pack to the area affected as soon as possible will reduce the amount of bruising which occurs.

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Q: Is a hematoma reason for concern?
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What could a rapidly enlarging hematoma cause in the neck area?

However, in procedures that involve the neck it is of particular concern because a rapidly enlarging hematoma can obstruct the airway.

Why is bleeding of special concern in a thyroidectomy?

Bleeding in the area of the operation may occur and be difficult to control or stop. If a hematoma occurs in this part of the body, it may be life-threatening. As the hematoma enlarges, it may obstruct the airway

What is the most common reason for graft failure?

The most common reason for graft failure is the formation of a hematoma, or collection of blood in the injured tissues.

Vaginal hematoma and you didnt fall What it is?

Any trauma can lead to a hematoma. Vaginal hematoma can be caused by intercourse.

What if you have a hematoma on your eyebrow from hitting your head?

hematoma above eyebrow

Can a hematoma become an abscess?

Yes, a hematoma can become an abscess. There are several types of hematoma, and a few possibilities as to what kind of abscess can develop. The type of hematoma and the circumstances that drive it to abscess will determine what kind of abscess.

What is the difference between a periorbital hematoma and a bilateral periorbital hematoma?

periorbital hematoma is 1 black eye, bilateral is 2 black eyes

What cause a hematoma?

A hematoma is caused by a break in the wall of a blood vessel. The break may be spontaneous, as in the case of an aneurysm, or caused by trauma. In the case of a minor or major blow to the effected part of the brain may lead to sudden death, other located hematoma's that receive minor or major blows may cause some severe complications in the area of which it is in. The word "hematoma" came into usage around 1850. It was devised from Greek roots -- hemat-, referring to the blood + -oma, from soma meaning body = a bloody body, or a collection of blood. The many different kinds of hematomas are defined by location and include: * epidural hematoma, * extradural hematoma, * intracerebral hematoma, * intracranial hematoma, * nasal septum hematoma, * subcutaneous hematoma, * subdural hematoma. Common Misspellings: haematoma

What is the difference between a fracture hematoma and a hematoma?

A hematoma is a mass of clotted blood that forms at an injury site. A fracture hematoma is a clot resulting from a break in a blood vessel within the bone, the marrow space, the periosteum, or the surrounding tissue associated with a bone fracture.

What is one difference between a subdural hematoma and an epidural hematoma?

A Subdural Hematoma occurs when a severe acceleration to deceleration occurs leading to the veins in the subdural space tearing. An Epidural Hematoma occurs from direct trauma to the brain leading to bleeding in the meningeal artery.

Your dog has a hematoma from a shot on the back of her neck-how do you treat it?

You can ice the hematoma to help reduce swelling. The hematoma is a blood filled bruise. You can also have a vet drain some of the fluid off it becomes to uncomfortable for your pet. Hematoma generally resolve themselves over time.

Is hematoma formed on the site of fractures?

Hematoma is a bleed below the skin, therefore it is possible that in the occurrence of a simple fracture you may acquire internal damage causing hematoma at the site of the break.