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Use dental floss to put it back them in. Stretch the floss out and thread the spacer through it ,and slide spacer back in. DON'T PUSH THEM DOWN WITH A TOOTHPICK BECAUSE YOU CAN IRRITATE THE GUMS!

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Q: Can I put my spacer that fell out back in myself?
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Why does your car shake after replacing cv joints?

The wheel will be stuck or will shake the engine. if you put the spacer that attaches to the CV joint on back wards it will be hard to turn. there is a wrong way and right way to put that spacer on. I put mine on backwards and the wheel did not even turn. try cleaning it out with mineral spirits then regressing it and put back together.

Your guinea pig fell what do you do?

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How do you put a back brace on by yourself?

Thread two pieces of floss thru the spacer then use them to stretch spacer make it long and thin....then see-saw it in between your teeth. If you cant get it back in you will need to go back to your orthodontist before your next appointment bcuz they need that space.

Can you put a throttle body spacer on tbi engine?

Yes, you can. TBI stands for Throttle Body Injection, and a spacer can be used provided you have the clearance for it.

How long do you have to put on a spacer?

As long as the good dental professional says:{}

Ok if you put the nose ring back in if it fell out?

Well I hope you cleaned it before you put it back in. Yeah as long as you clean the jewellery before you put it in, it shouldn't be a problem.

If a nest fell out of a tree should you leave it on the ground for the momma to come back?

Wear gloves and put it back.

What is a spacer?

A spacer is a tiny little blue thing, that they put in between your teeth, to give room for the braces. THey do hurt for the first couple of days. But you'll be fine.!

Can you put a spacer in your mouth by your self?

You probably could but don't. You can put it in wrong and cause serious damage to you teeth.

Your Nintendo wii fell what do you do?

if it broke: GET A NEW ONE. if it no break: FIX IT OR PUT IT BACK IN THE TV.

What can you use to beef up your motor in your suburban?

We put Billet pulleys and Throttle body spacer on mine & I noticed a HUGE difference in performance. Also, we are going to put headers on it. I noticed about a 35 - 40% difference with just the spacer and pulleys.

How do you get a feather excition back in your hair when it fell out?

Sorry theres no way you can put it back in your hair yourself. Sorry you willhave to go back to the salon to have it put back in. But if you put the feather in at home, just put it in again thebsame way you did the first time. Hope i could help;)