Boys kissing each other

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The boys that are kissing are either gay or are experimenting because there not sure of their feelings. They might be gay or bi sexual or straight but their probably just experimenting.

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Q: Boys kissing each other
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Can boys kiss boys?

Yes, boys can kiss boys. If you feel comfortable with it and he does as well, there is no problem. Socially, however, there are many bigots who may view it as a problem. It's NOT, though. You should be who you are, and if you are interested in boys, it does no good to hide it. Two boys kissing is non-sexually. It a good practices to do it at places which others do not see you. You heard it in the Bible it talks about there is a time and place to do things. Boys will kiss other boys on the faces, on the lips. Many boys who really have a very close relationship and knows each other very well will do French Kissing. That when to boys put their mouth on each other mouth and lick each other tongues.

Why do most boys always kiss a girl but say they didnt kiss each other?

Ego,Kissing is pretty intimate.Maybe they worry what other people say.

Why do girls kiss boys on the lips?

Once you have reached puberty, kissing on the lips is enjoyable. i have no clue?

What leads to kissing?

Holding handsPutting your arms around each otherPlayfully bumping your noses against each other (Eskimo kissing)Staring deep into each other's eyesCuddlingTalking, going out, liking each other a lotStroking each other

Do your tongues touch to each other's tongues while kissing?

They don't have to but they can. Kissing with tongues touching is referred to as French kissing.

Why do movies always have to have kissing scenes?

Kissing shows that two people are passionate about each other.

Do Chinese normally embrace each other kissing?


What if kissing gourmis don't kiss each other just the glass?

its completely normal for gourmi's to be kissing the glass.

Are selenagomez and Justin Bieber kissing each other?

yes on the lips

How does earth sun and moon interact each other?

it interact by kissing

What does se estan besando mean in English?

They are kissing (each other)

How can you make out with?

As you are kissing with someone, you put your tongue in each other's mouth.