Best ways to hug a girl?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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her back...that usually works you should put them on her lower back!

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Q: Best ways to hug a girl?
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What are ways to get a girl that likes you but is shy to hug you?

well me being a girl who is sometimes pretty shy i think the best thing to do is stop her if shes kind of ignoring you because she is nervous and look right into her eyes and hug her. she will definitely know that you like her and she will hopefully be more comfortable around you...

How do you get a hug by a girl?

you be brave and hug her!

Girl hug boy?

You Have To Hug Her ♥♫

Why do girl always puts their hands on their chest?

Well all girls are different ? but any ways that means that they want you to hug them. it doesn't always means that they want a hug but sometimes they do want one!

When your girlfriends mad what are the best ways to get her happy again?

Hug her... Tell you you want to talk about what's wrong.

What is the emoticon for a hug?

For a Hug there are two , one for a girl and one for a guy , they are : ({) for the girl and : (}) for the girl going the other Way. that is all , have funn

How do you hug a girl who's wearing a backpack?

You just hug the backpack with her

What is the best way to hug a girl to show her you like her?

thats easy.just give her a big and warm hug. and not one of those lame side hugs.and it has to be for at least 5 seconds

Who should hug first girl or boy?


Is the girl supposed to hug the guy first?

Be brave wait for like a little and if he doesn't hug you, hug him. You have to be brave.

What is the best bear to give a hug?

The best bear to hug is a teddy bear!

What are the Best ways to Compliment a girl?

Avoid her