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When too many cells die occurring from death due to a lack of oxygen.

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When there is no brain function or very little brain signal

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Brain dead = legally dead in most jurisdictions, so "no time at all".

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When they are only breathing with a pulse

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Q: At what point is an individual considered brain dead?
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What if the brain considered dead but the heart is still contracting?

You are said to be brain dead and are not vaible.

Where does the soul go when a person is in a coma?

the soul is still trapped in the body it is when u are considered dead or brain dead did the soul actually leave cause there is no radio waves in the brain and there is suppodes to be a chamber in the brain that proves its there

Are many american people brain dead?

The majority of people in America could be considered brain dead even if they give the appearance of autonomous functioning human. Their total lack of conciousness or concern for their future or freedoms or humanity for others could only come from a dead brain.

Is Steven lahart considered small?

yes, he is 4'1 and has the attention spand of a brain dead monkey

What does it mean when someone is brain dead?

brains produce measurable levels of electrical activity in specific patterns. If the brain is no longer working it no longer produces electrical activity in pattern and is considered "dead", as in no longer capable of thought.

Can maggots eat your brain?

Yes. However you would have to already be dead at that point, so don't worry about it.

If a person is totally depending on life support can they still recover?

There is still a chance if they're not considered "brain dead."

Will undertaker return back after his brain dead?

He isn't brain dead.

Can dead brain cells multiply?

Dead brain cells can't multiply.

Has covid19 rendering businesses brain dead!?

The term " brain dead" is to say that

When was Dead Brain Cells created?

Dead Brain Cells was created in 1986.

Are you consider alive or dead when on a heart lung bypass machine?

Typically, if your brain is still in operating form, you are considered to be alive, so to answer your question you would be considered alive.