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brains produce measurable levels of electrical activity in specific patterns. If the brain is no longer working it no longer produces electrical activity in pattern and is considered "dead", as in no longer capable of thought.

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When someone is brain dead, it means there is no activity going on at all in the brain and it will never come back. Other parts of the body might still be working, but the brain is essentially dead, hence the term.

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Q: What does it mean when someone is brain dead?
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What does dead from the neck up mean?

It implies that there is no brain activity, so someone who is very foolish or stupid.

What does it mean when a patients brain dead?

there dead

How do you declare someone dead?

If their heart, breathing, and brain activity have stopped, they are dead.

What does it mean when they say someone is brain dead?

It means that no electrical activity is recorded on an electroencephalogram (EEG). We know that without electrical impulses in the brain it is impossible for a person to ever recover, so even if the rest of the body hasn't died yet (and it will soon) the person is said to be "brain dead."

Can you have even a slight pulse after being pronounced dead?

Someone who's "only" brain dead can have a pulse - but otherwise, no.

What is the last organ that function if the doctor declared a man is already dead. a heart or a brain?

A person is declared dead when there is no BRAIN activity. A doctor could pronounce someone is dead, but their heart is still beating.

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It mean's your brain was thinking about fish while falling asleep and focused on it.

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The largest proportion of the brain is grey in colour. So when someone says this they mean use your brain or think.

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someone who is "light" in the brain- scatter brained or not very smart

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