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Q: Are you sure the taller people walk faster than shorter people?
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Why do people have different shoe sizes?

because some people are shorter and some people are taller...........i think im not sure myself

Ann is taller than Jill and Kelly is shorter than Ann Which of the statements are true - Kelly is taller than Jill - Kelly is shorter than Jill - Kelly is as tall as Jill - it's impossible to tell?

It's impossible to tell. All we know for sure is that "Ann is taller than both Jill and Kelly."

Why are girls shorter than guys?

I'm not sure what you mean by this question. Typically, girls are shorter than guys, among most primate species. Girls start puberty before boys therefore at first are taller than boys,but in the end after boys start puberty boys are generally taller.

Is it possible to make yourself shorter?

nope ive tried. But you can make youself stop growing by drinking alot of coffee. This will make sure you dont get any taller.

Can girls get taller than boy?


Can pudding make you taller?

Yes, pudding can make you taller. I am not sure how and why, but I heard it and looked it up and yes, it makes you taller. Also I had some and I grew, like an inch taller. So if you want to grow taller, eat pudding! :)

Is arceus taller than stellix?

No, but he sure is stronger!

Do mean people have shorter lives?

There is a saying, "only the good die young" so probably not, but mean people have sadder, less fulfilling lives for sure.

Are females shorter than males?


Who is taller Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey?

Not sure. To me they're both are about in a same height.

How high is the under 11s netball ring?

to be honest im not very sure but its between 2 to 3 metres im preety sure its between those mesure ments cuz i play netball

Is there any way to get shorter in height?

yes when people get older they get shorther