Are you healthy person

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Are you healthy person
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What is your idea of a healthy person?

A fit and healthy person

What are the benefits of a healthy person?

what are some benefits of having a healthy person

Can a fat person also be healthy?

A fat person can be healthy, yes.

How can you describe the healthy person?

a healthy person eat fruits and vegetables

What do you call a person that is mentally healthy?

A mentally healthy person is safe

How does a person with a healthy mind behave?

A person with a healthy mind behaves appropriately.

What does a healthy person usually do at home?

healthy person usually do at home heavy work

How can be a person called healthy?

a person is called healthy if he/she is mentally,emotionally and physically fit.

What is emotionally healthy person?

The word used to describe an emotionally healthy person is "sane".

What healthy persons can do?

a healthy person means he/she will my not have illness

What if a healthy person takes atenolol in overdose?

what happen if a healthy person took a 50mg atenolol

When a person called healthy?

A person is called healthy if he/she has an a(h1n1) virue Just Kidding..... Be succeful