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Q: Are uniforms cheaper than buying name brand cloths?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of uniforms?

Advantages are u dont kno who is Richer Or poor and dnt get put down cuz U dont have the newest brand cloths disadvantage is u dnt get to have ur own style and. Cloths on

Is the Cole Haan brand really expensive?

It depends on what type of items your planning on buying. They have cheaper items.

What are the disadvantages of buying name brand products over the store brand equivalents?

The biggest disadvantage to buying a name brand product over the store brand is the cost. Store brands are usually cheaper in price than name brands.

Is refinishing bathtubs cheaper than buying them brand new?

Yes, it is usually much cheaper to refinish a bathtub than to buy a brand new tub. But it will sometimes depend on how bad your old tub is. If it is extremely damaged, you may need to get a new tub anyway.

What is the country of brand of salt rock cloths?

the UK.

What is cheaper buying cookies already baked or buying homemade cookies?

The cost difference would depend entirely on the brand of cookie or refrigerated cookie dough, available sales, coupons and other factors.

What brand of uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?

All of the MLB players currently wear Majestic uniforms.

Is Samsung printer ink the best on the market?

In my experience, it is not. HP brand ink seems to be a better quality, and is cheaper in price. When you buy Samsung ink, you are only buying the name.

What is an argument for school people have to wear school uniforms?

You can distinguish between people who come to school who should not be there and the students because they are all dressed the same. In addition, uniforms prevent people from using clothing as signage to represent their chosen lifestyles or gang affiliations. Also, many kids in urban neighborhoods do not have a large variety of clothes and/or designer brand cloths, so the uniformity that uniforms provide is a comfort for those kids who would otherwise feel left out.

Is chanel a good brand?

This is a great brand. they have great items from bags to shoes to cloths every on has got to love chanel.

Is there a big difference in price between used and new Toyota cars?

Buying a used car is usually a much cheaper option than buying brand new. Toyota do offer a "used approved" scheme, whereby used Toyota vehichles are sold by Toyota dealers and have been refurbished to the full standard, and also have all the full service histories for peace of mind, and come with a warrenty for that extra piece of mind. The used approved cars are usually slightly more expensive than buying one which is not approved, but is still considerably cheaper than buying brand new.

What is the brand of the Jonas brothers instaments?

the guitars they use are Gibson guitars if you want one though i would recommend buying an epiphone brand guitar because they are way cheaper but have the same models of guitar. the guitar model they use is the les paul and SG