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All of the MLB players currently wear Majestic uniforms.

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Q: What brand of uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?
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Did the New York Yankees ever wear their names on their away uniforms?

No. The Yankees never wore their names on their away uniforms.

What color uniforms do the New York Yankees wear?

At home their uniforms are white with navy blue pinstriping. On the road their uniforms are gray with navy blue lettering.

Do the New York Yankees ever wear the blue road shirts at home?

The Yankees do not even have blue road shirts (their road uniforms are gray) and they never wear any part of their road uniforms at home.

Do the New York Yankees wear new uniforms each game?

The Yankees don't wear new uniforms each day, it costs them money. Iit depends on the stadium like if it's at Yankee Stadium they wear the home jerseys and if they are at another teams stadium like the Red Sox, the Yankees wear their away jerseys because they are away from the stadium.

Why do the New York Yankees wear blue and gray?

Because those are the colors of their road uniforms. They wear gray jerseys with New York written across the front in navy blue.

Why do the New York Yankees wear different uniforms for pre season games?

Most Major League teams were what is called "practice" uniforms during pre-season or exhibition games.

How many uniforms do the New York Yankees have?

The Yankees generally have a home, away and alternate jersey that they wear to coordinate with the occasion. Some teams, including the Yankees, have throwback days, in where the teams wear jerseys that were worn by past teams in other decades.

What teams do not wear their names on their uniforms in Major League Baseball?


When do the New York Yankees wear pinstripes?

Their home uniforms are pinstriped and their away uniforms are solid. So they wear pinstripes during all of their home games, regular season and playoffs.The Yankees started wearing pinstripes in 1912 as a fashion statement. Even though they were not the first team to wear them. They abandoned the pinstripes in 1913-1914, but in 1915 they went back to the pinstripes for good.

What number does Robinson Cano wear for the New York Yankees?

Robinson Cano wears #24 for the New York Yankees.

What number does Alex Rodriguez wear for the New York Yankees?

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is number 13.

What is the New York Yankees team colors?

The Yankees team colors are navy blue and white. At home the Yankees wear white, with navy blue pinstripes and a navy blue interlocking "NY" logo at the chest. On the road they wear gray uniforms with "NEW YORK" written in navy blue across the chest. Their caps, home and away, are navy blue with a white interlocking "NY" logo.

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