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No. Heroin is extremely addictive. There is no such thing as using heroin responsibly.

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2010-05-14 13:34:11
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Q: Are there people who use heroin responsibly and without becoming addicted?
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Can you do heroin only once a month without becoming addicted?

yes if he/she will take less than or 25g of heroin

Could you be addicted to heroin after five days?

yes with heroin you are addicted after the first hit

Is it possible to take opiates regularly and not be addicted?

It is possible to take any drug reguarlly and not be addicted. However, the odds of you not becoming addicted to opiates is low, as heroin and morphine, both opiates, are highly addictive.

How can you get off heroin if you are addicted?

Go cold turkey and do K in place. but don't IV it stick to sniffing. But it will only work if you use it responsibly 3-4 times week max.

How long does heroin stay in your system if your pregnant?

If you are on heroin and are pregnant you are harming your baby. The baby is becoming addicted to the drug and will have problems. There could be brain damage and many other things wrong with your baby when it is born. Often heroin addicted mothers have premature and under weight babies. In some states the mother can be arrested for child abuse when it is discovered that the baby is addicted to heroin from the mother. This is child abuse pure and simple.

Are addicted to heroin is are referred as what?


When you use heroin do you get addicted to it?


What drugs do you have to be addicted to take methadone?


Where can you get help if you are addicted to heroin?

james's house

How addicted is a person that does a half gram of heroin a day?

VERY addicted. Anyone who uses any amount of heroin *every single day* is highly addicted. But that doesn't mean there is no hope for recovery.

Why might someone use heroin?

a lot of reasons. a lot of excuses. to fill an empty void. to feel good. to escape reality. because, for kids, it's easier to get than alcohol. although heroin is highly addictive, not everyone who uses heroin becomes addicted. a lot of people who use heroin are chippys and use it occasionally without become physically addicted.

What does heroin addict mean?

You're addicted to heroine.

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