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Because you can get addicted to it quickly

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Q: Why is it considered dangerous try does of heroin?
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What is the difference between heroin and marijuana?

marijuana is just as dangerous as normal cigarettes, while Heroin is alot more dangerous and addictive

What is heroin trail?

heroin trail are dangerous. they are drugs, heroin trail causes diseases & and they are really bad for your health

What is the most dangerous medicine in the world?


What is heroins?

Heroin is a highly addictive drug. It is one of the most dangerous drugs there are. It's addictive. Don't even try it once.

Can extasy be mixed with enough heroin to be addictive?

Ecstasy and heroin are both very dangerous and addictive drugs. Do not use them.

What actors and actresses appeared in 8. Try Heroin - 2007?

The cast of 8. Try Heroin - 2007 includes: Trevor Widdison as Guy

How does heroin effect the teenage life?

Heroin is a tremendously dangerous drug; those who become addicted to it will wind up sacrificing everything else for the drug. There is no creature on Earth more pathetic than a heroin addict.

Is there synthetic heroin in sleeping pills?

No. There is no heroin in any over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills. Heroin is almost never sold as anything else. Heroin is considered an opiate. Some opiates that are similar to heroin can be found in prescription painkillers, but not sleeping pills.

Which is not a hallucinogen?

PCP is sometimes considered an hallucinogen because it has some of the same effects. However, it does not fit easily into any one drug

Is Yaws considered armed and dangerous?

is yaws considered armed and dangerous

Will 2mg of suboxone block heroin?

Yes, even a small dose will block the high you normally get from heroin. Adding heroin to Suboxone can have a dangerous additive effect. Many people have died from trying to get high while on a replacement drug.

Did sears and roebuck sell heroin in the early 1900s?

Yes. Several stores (including Sears and Roebuck) and catalogues sold heroin as a cough suppressant and alternative to morphine, though heroin is actually more dangerous. They sold a heroin syringe, two needles, and a carrying case for $1.50.