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You may want to talk to your doctor before trying anything.

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Q: Are there effects with smoking marijuana while on lovenox?
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Can you smoke weed while on nor flex?

yes marijuana is a very safe medicine you will not have any side effects while smoking or using marijuana on nor flex or any other thing.

Effects of smoking weed while pregnant?

The baby will come out small and the baby will end up crying because of all the Marijuana that you have smoked while carrying

Does smoking marijuana once in a while damage lungs?


Once you have smoked marijuana Does smoking salvia make THC levels rise?

My experience is that salvia and marijuana are complimentary. A little pot in a pipe with some salvia sprinkled over it and then smoked - even just one comfortable hit - can prolong the salvia effects while making the marijuana effects clearer.

Is smoking marijuana while on minocycline have bad side effects?

I tried it and honestly I had a weird reaction but maybe it was it was an anxiety attack. It eventually subsided and I enjoyed the high lol

Can you burn fat while smoking marijuana?

yep like if you running whilst smoking you burn fat

Are there side effects to smoking marijuana while taking prescribed penicillin?

Thc in Marijuana, can effect the way your body absorbs antibiotics.

Can you get the effects of marijuana from the plants odor while growing?


How long does it take for a woman fertility to return after smoking marijuana?

Women don't become sterile from smoking marijuana, it's just unadvised to smoke WHILE already pregnant

What are the side effects of smoking marijuana while taking trileptal?

increased rage and sleeplessness. mood swings, lack of apatite.

Does marijuana affect the effects of psychedelic mushrooms?

Yes, marijuana can enhance the effects of psychedelic mushrooms due to its psychoactive properties. Combining the two substances can lead to an intensified experience, which may include stronger hallucinations and potentially increased anxiety or confusion. It is important to approach this combination with caution and be mindful of the potential effects on your mental and physical well-being.

Can people gain weight if you continue to smoke marijuana?

Yes. People actually tend to gain weight while smoking marijuana due to the effects of increased appetite and decreased energy. However, THC is stored in a person's fat cells, therefore the more weight you gain, the longer marijuana will be traceable in your system