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not enough to worry about, smoke up

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Q: Are sticky notes toxic to inhale when burned?
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What is the sticky substance that forms when tobacco is burned?

The sticky substance that forms when tobacco is burned is called tar. It is a dark, thick residue that can accumulate in the lungs and contribute to various health issues, such as respiratory problems and lung cancer.

Is air conditioning coolant toxic?

Very toxic. Do not inhale, it deplets the oxygen.

Is methane safe?

No. Methane is toxic to inhale and very flammable.

Can she get pregnant after you inhale toxic chemicals?

Only if you have unprotected sexual intercourse.

Is volcanic ash radioactive?

Yes, volcanic ash can contain radioactive materials such as uranium and thorium, which can release radon gas. However, the levels of radiation in volcanic ash are usually not high enough to pose a significant health risk unless there is very close and prolonged exposure.

What can smoking plastic do to your body?

It will kill you, plastic is made from petroleum and coal derivatives that are not intended to be eaten, let alone be burned and inhale the toxic smoke. Please be just a troll and not someone seriously wanting to catch a buzz off poison.

What causes sticky hands when wet?

mold illness or exposure to toxic mold spores will cause hands to go sticky.

What happens when latex is burned?

When latex is burned, it releases acrid smoke and toxic fumes due to the chemicals used in its production, such as sulfur. The heat can also cause the latex to melt and form sticky residues. It is important to avoid burning latex to prevent exposure to harmful gases and potential skin burns.

Does M8 and M9 paper emit toxic fumes when burned?

Both M8 and M9 papers are commonly used for military purposes and do not emit toxic fumes when burned. They are designed to be non-toxic and safe for use in military operations.

M8 and M9 emit toxic fumes when burned?


Do m8 and m9 emit toxic fumes when burned?

yes they do. (TRUE)

What do you do if your child eats Sticky Tack?

Eating sticky Tack should not harm your child. It is not toxic. Just watch the child to make sure he or she is not in any discomfort.