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Only if you have unprotected sexual intercourse.

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Q: Can she get pregnant after you inhale toxic chemicals?
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Why does smoking make you have a likely chance of getting cancer?

There are toxic chemicals that are hazardous to your health in each cigarette that you inhale when you smoke one.

Why is it dangerous to smell chemicals in a science lab?

Scientists sometimes work with toxic chemicals which would not be healthy to inhale. Of course, they take precautions. Most of the chemicals used by chemists are not so toxic that even a slight amount, accidentally inhaled, will harm their health, but there are some which are that toxic.

What can cleaning chemicals do to you?

If you inhale them, they can kill you.

Is air conditioning coolant toxic?

Very toxic. Do not inhale, it deplets the oxygen.

Which animals are affected by toxic chemicals?

All animals are affected by toxic chemicals.

Is scrubbing bubbles toxic to inhale?

Your local Poison Control Centre (US/AE, Center) should have information on file about household chemicals and any known or associated toxicity.

Do toxic chemicals help bacteria to grow?

The question is toxic to what. Not all chemicals which are toxic to humans are toxic to bacteria, and some chemicals which are toxic to bacteria are harmless to humans (which is why we can have antibiotics). There are chemicals (like Hydrogen Sulfide) which are very toxic to mammals that SOME bacteria eat as food. But there are other chemicals like chlorine which are toxic to both humans and bacteria. So the question does not have a simple answer.

Which chemicals are toxic?

There are too many to name. Assume all chemicals in lab are toxic.

Are factory fumes dangerous?

Absolutely, almost all fumes produced from a factory or manufacturing facility are from toxic chemicals even from cleaning supplies. Do not inhale and limit your exposure as much as possible.

What can happen when you breath chemicals from supply closets?

Chemicals found in supply closets are often exceedingly dangerous to inhale. Some chemicals can cause rapid and irreversible lung damage, while others can cause brain and other organ damage. Sometimes individuals inhale household chemicals in order to produce a 'high', but these chemicals are generally much more dangerous than even 'hard' street drugs. The toxic effects of solvents are inseparable from any psychoactive properties, and thus these chemicals should never be inhaled.

Is methane safe?

No. Methane is toxic to inhale and very flammable.

Toxic Chemicals In A Sentence?

Green chemistry focuses on eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in chemistry without stifling.