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Q: Are fruit flies healthier than normal flies?
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Is raw fruit healthier than ripe fruit?

If you mean is unripe fruit healthier? No. Is raw fruit healthier than cooked? I would say yes.

Is dark chocolate healthier than normal chocolate?

i think it is healthier than normal chocolate

Are vegetables healthier than fruit?

Vegetables are healthier! It has more iron, less sugars, and more fiber.

Why are polyunsurated fats healthier?

They have less cholesterol than normal.

What is the healthiest candy that tastes good and is not fruit?

Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut. Doesn't taste much like fruit, it's much healthier than others.

Are Spain healthy than UK?

spain is healthier because they involve more healthy vegtables and fruit.

What is the difference between genetically modified and normal tomatoes?

genetically modified are much more healthier than normal tomatoes?"

What types of flours are good and healthy for baking?

wholemeal flours are healthier than using normal flour

Which is healthier natural youghurt or fruit yogurt?

Yes, fresh fruit is generally very good for you and so is yoghurt (though not too much of the latter). Natural yoghurt is better than standard yoghurt, and 'live' yoghurt is better than natural (though you can get live and natural, which is even better).

What should fruit flies should i cross to get mutant fruit flies other than the white-eyed?

You can cross fruit flies with different mutations, such as curly wings or ebony body color, to produce various mutant combinations. By crossing flies with different mutations, you can generate new mutant combinations and study their effects on traits and behaviors.

Are baked ruffles healthier than normal ones?

Baked Ruffles contain much less fat than normal Ruffles. Baked Ruffles still have fat in them, but not nearly as much as normal Ruffles. Baked Ruffles have less than half the fat of normal Ruffles.

Why is wholegrain flour healthier than normal flour?

It has the wheat germ and bran that has most of the nutrition in wheat flour.